About US
Yamama Investment Group, was established in 2005 by a local entrepreneur from the City of Edmonton, Mr. Momen Al Subihee, currently CEO and director, he has been in charge of the company in which he invested time, money and effort. Throughout the years Yamama Group has transformed from a one-man operation into a 40+ employee company and growing.

Yamama Group was initially known as Mixx Management, but the name was changed to Yamama in early 2009. Yamama is an Arabic name for "White Dove". The Dove is recognized internationally as pure, a strong flyer, loyal, communicator and full of life.

2010 marks an important step Yamama Group is taking towards the future. For the first time Yamama Group is expanding on its current operations by diversifying and entering the International Trade industry. Yamama, through strong connections in the MENA region and East Asia, is now promoting trade between those regions and Canada. This is a major development and Yamama is very excited about such decisions and expects great outcomes by 2011. Yamama Group is also looking into expanding on its retails brands and looking for additional brands that fit our strategies and experience. Yamama is always on the lookout to link up the others to combine skills and knowledge. If Yamama can can offer you solutions or can help make opportunities successful we want to hear from you! Contact us know and you will hear back from us within 24 hours.